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  • Title: we can fly
  • Filename: we_can_fly.mod
  • Archived: Mon 6th Jun 2005 (ID: 101349)
  • Format: MOD
  • Size: 722.32KB
  • Genre: Trance - Progressive
  • Hits: 690
  • Download

Internal Messages

(c) 1993 by zeroline!
song arranged by :
the jammaster of zl!
if this song suits u,
then write me a short
mail about how you
think about it.
put a message in my
pm at fort-knox bbs!!
please note, that dis
song will only! run
on an amiga with
about 1 mb of chipmem
done on an amiga 500

sony tapedeck,sony-
mixer (prof.series),
sony cd-player,and
of course the good
old protracker v2.2ab
(c) by zl-dancefloor-
thanx to : voker for
the heartbeat-sample!
jammaster in 1993!

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