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  • Title: -The Skies Above-
  • Filename: _the_skies_above_.xm
  • Archived: Wed 29th Dec 2004 (ID: 139114)
  • Format: XM
  • Size: 976.48KB
  • Genre: Trance - Progressive
  • Hits: 361
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Internal Messages

The Skies Above

Composed by
Dj FlipSide

Wanna rap? -->
"In and out,
set you free,
this is where you
wanna be.
Free your soul,
free your mind,
get ready now
prepare yourself,
We're heading for
the skies above.
We're flying with
no XTC.
Boys and girls
come join us on
this trip to
the skies above.
Brother, sister,
take my hand
I will lead you to
this place
where peace and luv
forever is
it's called
the skies above
Everybody clap
your hands,
and forget about
war and pain
are you ready?
are you ready?
free your soul
and come follow me!"

:) wanna contact me?
or snailmail:
Alexander Odden
Lekestien 8
1735 Varteig.


XziBit,David, the guys
at C.A.P, those at
Chronox, Pulver,
Jisemdu, Guinness,
The poet, LioZ,
all my (eventual)
fanz :)) and everybody
else on this planet
floating in the
neverending space....

Wanna call me?? :)
(+47) 69131353

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