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  • Title: "The Island" Remix
  • Filename: fzmx-the_island_remix.xm
  • Archived: Sun 22nd Oct 2017 (ID: 181036)
  • Format: XM
  • Size: 2.92MB
  • Genre: Trance - Progressive
  • Hits: 474
  • Download

Artist(s) of this module

Internal Messages

/ "The Island Remix" \
| |
| Original by: |
| Pendulum |
| (2010) |

This XM module is part
of my upcoming line-up
of dance remixes.
Hope you enjoy!
/ Re(de)fineDance: \
| Track 10 |
| |
| Song Length: 6m 32s|
| Song BPM: 127BPM |
| Song Speed: 6 |

Welp, here it is...the
next instalment to the
Was quite a battle,
since my "O" Level's
just around the corner

Regardless, I've been
listening to a lot of
music recently...and
that resulted in me
changing my sound. I
feel that my sound has
done so to be more
fuzionized (hahah pun)
What do you think?

Also, finally! After 6
whole years...
________/ PENDULUM
IS ________
...though I would like
it if they release
another album instead
of touring, but I'd
better off counting my
blessings; at least
they're back

Special thanks to:
- Siyu
- Zi Qian
- Ron and Justin
- Nicole and XR
- Khairul
- All those forgotten

22/10/17 (DD/MM/YY)
Fat Anne String
bass audigy2 (neo187)
CS 01 High
Club Bass Drum
Clicky 909 BD
909 Clap + Hall
Analog Snare
RimShot 808Dist+909

Snare Drum

Open Hi-Hat
Crash Cymbal
Ride Cymbal

Closed Hi-Hat

(c) 1998 MAZ

'no.1 instruments'
Pizzicato St


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