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  • Title: Always There
  • Filename:
  • Archived: Tue 12th Jun 2001 (ID: 33392)
  • Format: IT
  • Size: 614.30KB
  • Genre: Rock - Soft
  • Hits: 2294
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Artist(s) of this module

Internal Messages

-> Always There
-> Alex Smith

Bass Drum Burkey
Rim Shot Awesome
Tamborine Awesome
Tamborine 2 Burkey
Open Hat SC
Open hihat GoguL
Snare ?
Drums 1 Nightbeat
Drums 2 Nightbeat
Drums 3 Nightbeat
Cymbal CyberZip
Pad Awesome
String Awesome
String Awesome
Doo! Awesome
Open Hi Hat 2 VB
Snare Nightbeat
Tom Nightbeat

-> Always There
-> Alex Smith

(C) 2000 Alex Smith
-> Always There
-> Alex Smith

Hey this one isn't so bad is it? Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit like
Awesome's "Ancient Stories" but that just happened because I used a load
of samples from that track. Original I used the tinny violin sample I used
to use all the time. Oh yes. Awesome's string samples were much ... uh ...
"deeper", I think. Well, they're better at any rate. For this kind of
music anyway. Uh, what kind would you call this anyway? I'm really not
sure. Hmm.
I really should stop going to bed at 2am. It's been a bad habit lately
as it's the summer holiday from college at the moment. Still, the bulk
this particular track was written between 10pm and 2am a few nights ago,
and then finished & tweaked for several days after. I'm pretty pleased
with this one, even if I did use a drum loop *again*!
And the title? Hmm. Not too sure about that one. But since when did the
titles of my tracks actually mean anything? Have you ever stopped to think
about "Blue Shores" and what it implies? :-)

Anyway, greets go out to:

-> Burkey: Good tunes galo!
-> Neil: Is the correct answer.
-> Mark H: BORK!!!!!!!!!!! BORK!!!!!!! BORK!!!!!!!!! BORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHA!! It's my mod and you can't do anything about the borking!
BORK!!!!!! BORK!!!!!!! BORK!!!!!!!! BORK!!!!!!!! BORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-> And everyone else!



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