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  • Title: Bloodfreezing Giant
  • Filename: 0-blood.xm
  • Archived: Mon 11th Jun 2001 (ID: 58776)
  • Format: XM
  • Size: 406.78KB
  • Genre: Rock - Soft
  • Hits: 3431
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Artist(s) of this module

Internal Messages

Felix Lindgren

"bloodfreezing giant"

instruments taken
from: Aka ,
Jim Gilsian and
thank you guys!
This song is a
Nobuo Uematsu
influenced battletheme
almost like
That tune, and this
can be downloaded
and alla my songs
has a 0- in thier
names. Felix Lindgren
Erik and Niclas are
the first ones who
will listen to this
because i don't know
whether to release
it or not.

9 April 2001

Swap Bank

It took me 5 hours
to do this!
(I'm exhausted!) neck is
killing me!

Snare Drum

smp by ?

sampled by AKA

Bass Drum 1 - 3

sampled by AKA

Supported by Coreless

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