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  • Title: Love opens your eyes
  • Filename: 2383-loveopensyoureyes.xm
  • Archived: Mon 18th Feb 2002 (ID: 60312)
  • Format: XM
  • Size: 404.04KB
  • Genre: Rock - Soft
  • Hits: 1890
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Artist(s) of this module

Internal Messages

"Love open your eyes"


NaBo&TeO/Fatal Rage

Our contribution to
T h e P a r t y 95
multichannels compo !

NaBo dedicates this
song to LeTiZiA ! :)

Please use FT2 !!!
Samples taken from
Big Jim, Leviathan,
Skaven, Necros, Trap,

I love this song. When
Teo gave me the first
part I did my best to
finish it.

Oh well, and I've
added a little touch
when I've seen the
amount of work NaBo
did :>

Greetings :

Orange, Complex,
DeathStar, Nemesis,
Spinning Kids, SJT,
Japotek, Glamour, and
all italian demo scene

...greetings to :
6502, BlAdE, Dorian,
Wally, Froyd The Dreud
CDS, PeTeRpAn, Master
of Darkness, Mix, Tfx,
PhOeNiX, Skyjump,
AlexY, Spermaster,
Dustbin, AsYntote, Bar
Clockwise, Gemini,
Pix, Crab, Xenon, Void

... and to ... :
BaU, LoRdToMMy,
HaMMeR, RiCkY, BePPe
PiNk, FaPiL. !! :))

Contact us !!!

(specify for TeO)

or through Fidonet :

NaBo :
Daniele Nabissi
TeO :
Matteo Zatti

something else .. ?

.. L .

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